Large Hand Tied Dried Flower Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet is made up of pampas grass, linium, white ferns, large palms and gypsophila. If you require particular dried flowers in your order please drop me a message for a custom design
The arrangement is tied with velvet ribbon or burlap depending on your request
This arrangement keeps for at least 1-3 years or more if looked after well
Measurements 70cm x 50cm
Measurements may vary due to being hand-made


Out of stock


Please do not place in direct sunlight or in water.

Upon arrival open the box and packaging with care. You can fluff out your pampas using a cool slow setting on your hairdryer. You can use a light spray of hairspray to hold the plumes and stop further shedding.

We are a UK shop based online in Durham, UK, and currently only post to UK addresses. Please message for custom prices on pampas grass, dried flowers, and installations for weddings/ events

Please message if you have any questions or would like to order a custom arrangement.